MARIE Long Sleeve Tee (White)


Our incredible basic long sleeved tee is named after MARIE CURIE (1867-1934) - a woman with ambition + brains who had the courage to take on what was deemed a "man's world" + a "man's industry"!

She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Then she became the first PERSON to win it TWICE! And she won it in 2 different sciences.

MARIE started her studies in an underground "floating university" in Poland because at that time, University was only for men. She then travelled to Paris which is where she obtained her Master's Degrees in physics + math. Determined to get her education, she lived off of buttered bread + tea all while tutoring through the night just to pay for school.

After completing her schooling, she was rejected from working in a University due to her existence as a woman. So she partnered up + furthered her research in radioactivity - which by the way, is a term that she created! MARIE discovered 2 new elements which is on the periodic table - Polonium + Radium.

In 1903, she became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize.
In 1911, she became the first person to win the Nobel Prize twice!
This time she won it in the field of chemistry.

During World War I, MARIE formed the very first on-site radiology centres to aid surgeons working in the field. She then went on to found 2 different "CURIE Instititutes" - 1 in Warsaw, 1 in Paris, which to this day are still major medical research labs.

Through all of her achievements, MARIE remained humble. She was just focussed on creating change. "She is probably the only person who could not be corrupted by fame." - Albert Einstein.

MARIE is one intelligent + giving Sister. She didn't let being a woman in that time stop her from achieving greatness. She believed in herself, she was determined to create change + she didn't let anything stop her.

Like our Sister MARIE, our basic long sleeved tees will make you feel unstoppable. You can literally wear her with everything + for any occasion. She isn't just a go-to, she's a must-have.



Bamboo 70% | Organic Cotton 30%

Washing Instructions:
Wash + dry on delicate cycle



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