REIGN + GLORY's mission is to spread kindness, empower, encourage + unite all females through our Sister Gang. Starting from our belief that family is everything, but that family doesn't have to be defined solely by blood - after all, friends are also the family that we choose.

By joining REIGN + GLORY's Sister Gang, you are supporting Canadians, Moms + Sisters in Business. We are an all women-run + operated team with strong values. We hold a serious commitment to producing luxuriously soft, high-quality fabrics that are ethically + sustainably sourced. Even more importantly, made with integrity in Canada! We even have a team of work-from-home Women + Moms that sew the majority of our pieces to support their families. All employees every step of the way are paid fair wages + provided with a safe work environment.

We pour our heart + soul into everything we do. Sourcing this kind of quality isn't easy but we are passionate about our social responsibility.

We would LOVE for you to join us in being a part of this Sister Gang's fashion revolution!

Peace, Love + Kind Vibes,
Melanie Pederson + Nikki Nguyen