NORA Hoodie Vest (Black)


Our Hoodie Vest is back by popular demand! Named after NORA EPHRON (1941-2012) who was a trailblazer for women in Hollywood.

She was a gifted writer - starting off as a journalist for the New York Post, then became a screenwriter + eventually ended up in Hollywood.

NORA was married to Carl Bernstein (the same Carl in the Watergate scandal). He cheated on her + she made the discovery when she was 7 months pregnant. She took the pain she endured + wrote a fictionalized story of her painful divorce from him. She went on to write 8 more books including the revolutionary "I Feel Bad About My Neck", which openly addressed the experiences of women aging. She also wrote over a dozen films including "When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless in Seattle" + "You've Got Mail"!

At the age of 51, NORA took on the role of director which was a job that few women had ever held. In her life, she earned 3 Oscar Nominations + 2 Razzies (Golden Raspberries which honor the worst in film). She had as many failures in film as she did successes but those failures didn't stop her - it inspired her to keep going. Similar to her unlucky-in-love heroines featured in her films, NORA was always quick at getting back up + moving on. Something that we so admire about her.

NORA was famously quoted as saying "Above all, be the heroine of your own life, not the victim". That is something that our predecessor, FREE REIGN, was modelled after + that REIGN + GLORY shares.

Like NORA, our Hoodie Vest flips the script. So unassuming but really comes out the award-winner. She has a full sized hood, deep pockets + has a beautiful hi/lo cut forming a beautiful silhouette that is so easy to wear both at home, casually + dressed up. She has been + still is a customer favourite!




Bamboo 70% | Organic Cotton 30%

Washing Instructions:
Wash + dry on delicate cycle



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