CORETTA Duster (Charcoal)


They're baaaack + better than ever! Made with a thicker stretch fabric, it's the perfect layering piece for Fall + Winter that can also transition easily into Spring + Summer.

Our Duster Cardi's are named after CORETTA SCOTT KING (1927-2006) - a woman who let nothing stop her! She was ambitious, intelligent + passionate. She defied society's expectations of a woman, a black woman, of that time by becoming the First Lady of the American Civil Rights Movement!

Before that, CORETTA was the valedictorian of her high school + won a scholarship to study music. While at school, she met another doctoral student - Martin Luther King Jr.

When the two married, CORETTA stood up for all women for generations to come. Martin Luther King Jr's Father married them. But CORETTA insisted that they remove the phrase "I promise to obey my Husband" from their vows. WOW! We absolutely love that she knew that she could love someone with all her heart + still be herself.

If that wasn't enough, CORETTA + her Husband led the civil rights revolution which started with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. They traveled + campaigned in support of nonviolent social change. This included a visit to Ghana in 1957 + a trip to India where they made a pilgrimage in 1959.

CORETTA's additional accolades include hosting over 30 fundraising Freedom Concerts, being the first woman to deliver the Class Day address at Harvard University, served as the delegate for the Women's Strike for Peace Conference in Geneva, Switzerland + she was also the first woman to preach at St. Paul's Cathedral in London! How about that roster, hey?

After her Husband's assassination, CORETTA continued to work on the movement. Before her Husband was even laid to rest, CORETTA took his place as the leader of the march on Memphis! She remained active in social justice causes for the remainder of her life - championing all human rights.

CORETTA was an incredible Sister! She exemplified to us what being dedicated + passionate means. She also showed us what you can achieve even from the darkest of times.

Our new Duster Cardi reminds us of CORETTA. She's a force to be reckoned with. You will never take her off as she will be relentless + make it into every outfit at any time of day. Plus, it has pockets... enough said.



Bamboo 67% | Organic Cotton 27% | Spandex 6%

Washing Instructions:
Wash + dry on delicate cycle



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